5 Common Problems Faced By Immigrants In Sweden

Sweden is undoubtedly a fascinating country that is enriched in natural beauty, culture, cool climate, and a fine economy, that attracts immigrants from all across the globe. Some migrate to Sweden for studies, some plan their visit to Sweden for business, others are interested in having a work permit to seek jobs and many come on an EU family visa for paying a visit to this paradise on Earth. As interesting as it seems, this country is enriched in employment, tourism and studies but we should also keep an eye on the hindrance that can be caused while migrating to the country for any of these causes. Some of the common barriers to immigration in the country include

  1. Education
  2. Employment
  3. Climate
  4. VISA and residence
  5. Expenses
  6. Education

You may think that English would be widely used as a means of communication in the country from the fact that it is a developed country. It is essentially not the case in Sweden. You will have to face many barriers to effective communication. As a student, you may find it difficult to make friends because of the cross-cultural barriers. Students from all across the globe migrate to the country for education including a large number of students from Africa.

  1. Employment

The country has developed over the decades and offers great employment opportunities to the residents. This statement is true, but its only one side of the canvass. Sweden offers job opportunities to its nationals so that they may secure their employment career. On the other hand, more than 37% of immigrants fail to find proper employment in Sweden. Those immigrants who are employed are compelled to work at a relatively low salary which ultimately causes an increase in the GDP of the country and a point to ponder for the immigrants.

  1. Climate

A cool climate, snowfall, and captivating sceneries catch the attention of the migrants, but it is not as captivating in the real world. Sweden has comparatively long winters with less sunlight penetrating into the country. For the immigrants who have other problems including residence, work opportunities and language problems, cold and long winters can have adverse effects. Winters last for the most part of the year making it difficult for immigrants who come from countries like Africa, Nigeria, and others.

  1. Visa and Residence

Sweden is deporting many of the immigrants in the country because of the population saturation. You should be well aware that getting an EU visa is not a difficult task, but finding the accommodation certainly is. Immigrants face a drastic shortage of residence is the major cities such as Stockholm and they are left with no other options to either bear the cold or get a residence at elevated costs. So, if you are about to get your VISA approved for the country, make sure you would also have to face a residence issue along with others such as unemployment.

  1. Expenses

You will find a considerable difference is the prices of products and services in Sweden as compared to your homeland. You may find the prices of food about two folds high in the country. If you are planning to stay in the country, you should prepare yourself for a high monthly budget. The only option to cope up with this situation is to plan effectively and distribute your budget accordingly, to minimize the extensive inflation in the country.

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