How To Get A Visit Visa For Sweden

It’s very tricky to get a visit visa for many countries. Each has its respective rules and regulations. In this particular blog, we will guide you on what the Swedish embassy would be looking for before granting you a visa!

Have you visited any other country before?

This point is pretty basic but integral. The authorities at embassies would firstly want to make sure that you have the integrity to not overstay in another country or cause any other issue. Safety comes first after all.

If you have visa approval stamps of let’s say USA or UK already, then this leaves a very good impression. It makes you seem trustworthy.

Invitation is a plus

Secondly, for visit visas, you’ll be required to show a formal invitation from the person in Sweden you intend to visit. Whether it be a family member or business associate, you will have to request them to write a bit about their selves and why they feel that your visa should get approved.

A valid passport

The Swedish agency prefers that you have a passport that is valid for a minimum of 3 months after your visa has expired. This point is pretty understandable, to be honest. It’s for your good. Imagine having your passport expired while still in Sweden. It can create many problems for you especially if you wish to visit another country straight from there.

So, make sure that your passport is valid before applying for a visa. If it is not, get it renewed first.

Money for your keep and the journey home

This criterion is pretty understandable too and is a criterion for numerous countries. Without money, you’d be completely stuck in Sweden. Even if you have a family member there who can give you a roof to stay under and warm food and stuff, it still would be wise to have enough in your bank and travel bag. If not for shopping or tourism purposes, do keep some in case of emergencies. Many things can go wrong while you are in another country. Plus, it might not be easy getting a job there during your worst-case scenario stay there. So be careful!

Individual medical travel insurance

Have asthma?  Heart issues? Diabetes? An injury? Well, it would be pretty inconvenient if you suddenly have serious health issues there, right?

Medical insurance helps cover the cost for emergencies like heart attacks or a car accident there perhaps. The insurance should cover costs of at least 30k Euro and should be valid in all Swedish countries. You would also have to submit the medical insurance documents while applying for them to keep in their records.

Describe the purpose of your visit

This seems pretty basic but doesn’t take it lightly. Write a detailed note of why you are applying, whose place will you be staying at, for how long do you wish to stay, why do you wish to go to Sweden from amongst all countries and so on. This is for them to be reassured that you won’t overstay or try anything shady or fishy.

It’ll also be wise if you mention personal details of the person/family members you’ll be staying at. They’ll probably dig into their history anyway so it’s better to write about it yourself.

If you keep these points in mind, it wouldn’t be likely that your visa application would be rejected. However, they aren’t satisfied and do end up rejecting, you can read up on the appealing process and present your case to get an approval.

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