Why Sweden Is Considered An Ideal Place For Studying

If you are thinking about studying abroad, then visit Sweden. You probably want to know why Sweden is considered as a great destination. Let me notify you, Sweden has a fascinating history and culture, global businesses, delicious food, and welcoming people; and is also well known for its world-class academic opportunities that rank among the top 100 in the world.

Following are 6 reasons why Sweden is considered an ideal place to study:

Vision Enhancement of One’s Mind

Study in Sweden let you think independently and critically. It will enhance your ability to question the state of affairs by accessing information, seeking new perspectives and coming up with well-informed judgments. Because of the informal and non-hierarchical nature of Swedish society, you will be able to think creatively. Where everyone is urged to bestow their ideas and opinions. This independence of mind and letting everyone’s voice heard are the reasons why Sweden ranks among the world’s most innovative nations.

Rich Swedish History

Sweden has contributed a lot to the history books, and many museums allow free entrance on a daily basis or on specially marked days throughout the year.  Swedish History Museum, the largest museum in Sweden; where millions of visitors and students come to see Sweden’s foremost gold and silver treasures, and incomparable medieval art.

Language Proficiency:

Using Swedish, a rich and beautiful native language; in 2017, Swedes ranked second in the world for skills in English as an official language. As the world is getting more independent and businesses seek to extend the national and linguistic boundaries, Sweden offers a marvelous location to learn and develop your English language skills. But knowing and trying to learn a little bit of Swedish language will make much easier to open your mind to your new cultural surroundings.  Also, Sweden is a car-free country with an extensive network of buses, trains, subways, trams, boats, planes, and many more that can take you anywhere you want to go.

Malmö, A Coastal City

Malmö is among the top cities in Sweden having a free business environment and also a good place to live with outrageous rankings in housing, healthcare, and environmental quality. The University of Malmo founded in 1998, attracts above 15,000 students every year. It’s not only a global city but also a commercial hub in the South of Sweden, as part of the Öresund region. The city has attracted a wide variety of companies in the technology sector (for example bio, medical, environmental, information and communication), as well as digital media, transports, financial services, business, leisure, entertainment, and constructions. And, most importantly, the cost of an apartment in Malmo is in the 139th place of all 248 Teleport cities.

Studying and Working in Sweden

International students can comfortably get Sweden work permit. Unlike other countries, there’s no legal limit to the number of hours international students can work during their studies. After the completion of studies, you can apply to extend your residence permit to look for work for up to six months. (But for that learning Swedish is necessary – it’s often a job’s requirement.)

EU Citizen’s Right:

Unless you are a citizen of a neighboring Nordic country, every foreigner will need to contemplate the different types of Swedish visas. When applying for a Swedish visa, you are not allowed to be in the country. This largely related to non-EU/EEA citizens and citizens of Sweden; because citizens with EU/EEA family visa Sweden have the rights of residence in Sweden and therefore can shift to the country with or without a job. However, they will need to start the Swedish visa application process if they plan to continue their stay in a country for a long time.

If you are thinking about relocation Sweden; want to study abroad and also interesting in traveling, then Swedes are waiting for you. They are very friendly and like traveling very much. They are habitually open to know about a new culture and also interested in hearing about international experiences.

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